Workshop 12

The TMBLER was Workshop 12’s first vehicle build. This 450hp widebody street monster has won many awards from wildest Subaru to best paint at many different car shows including national shows such as Importfest. The TMBLER represents an aggressive exterior with absolute attention to detail from the engine bay all the way to the trunk.

This vehicle was where I cut my teeth learning about car modification and fabrication.  All body work, interior, stereo and engine bay wire-tuck and shave were performed by Workshop 12.  Even the custom paint was a Workshop 12 creation which draws lots of attention when attending local car shows.  It has also been a featured ride on Stance Is Everything’s website.

Like all Workshop 12 vehicle builds, the TMBLER has its own website including a blog covering the entire build and a gallery from various photo-shoots and events where you can view the history of the build.

So sit back, checkout the TMBLER’s website, and see what goes into building a show quality WRX!

And so it begins!  My name is Tim Neil and I’m very excited to announce that Workshop 12 has finally opened its doors for business 🙂

Over the years I’ve had countless people ask me to build customized products for them.  Whether it be custom software, provide consulting, build a vehicle or fabricate a display or part for their car or business.

Essentially people have really responded to the creative projects that I’ve been a part of.  However whenever anyone had asked if I could build something for them I would decline.  I was using my free time to work on the projects that I wanted to build for myself, so there wasn’t time to do all of my projects, hold down a full time job and also build creative projects for others.

After gaining over 18 years of software experience, and over 10 years of fabrication and car building experience, I’ve decided to provide services surrounding what I love to do as part of a new business called Workshop 12.

The goal of Workshop 12 is to provide custom creative services for those who need uniquely built items.  Whether that be software, go to market strategies, full vehicle builds or different types of custom fabrication.

So if you or someone you know is looking for a unique build, check out our portfolio and services, and then give us a shout to be added to the build schedule!