MK1.5 COVID Edition

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused us crazy amounts of stress lately.  Not just from worrying about our own health and  that of family and friends, but also from trying to continue business as usual.  Recently many companies, including ours, is finding it extremely challenging to get inventory in stock to fulfill orders.  Currently we have most of our critical inventory (amplifiers) stuck in limbo waiting to be received by Canada Customs to process.

The good news is that we have been able to pull together enough inventory to ship out 23 kits!  A couple of those kits will be our standard MK1.5 Electronics and the remaining 21 will be what we “lovingly” call our MK1.5 COVID Edition.  One of the advantages of using 3D printing is that you can change up your plastic designs without having to do a bunch of re-tooling.  So when we were able to come across stock of the BOSS CE102 100W amplifier that I had reliably been using in my vehicle for 3 years before the MK1.5 Electronics kit was available, we snapped them up! 🙂

This amplifier is a great little unit that is an equivalent to the amplifier we typically use in our MK1.5 Electronics (the ones held up in shipping limbo).  Lots of great power, crisp sound and volume adjustment knob just like our standard amp.  Installation is the exact same, simply plug it into your factory wiring harness, connect our included RCA cables, adjust your volume knob and you’re good to go.

Everything else about the MK1.5 COVID Edition is exactly the same, we have simply replaced the amplifier with an equivalent as it was the only unit we could find that had stock in North America.

We will be processing the first 23 orders based on the date that the order was placed (earliest first).  And yes, that includes those who have patiently been awaiting USB-C support and have made orders with a note to wait for shipping until the USB-C chips arrive.  We have some good news for you!

We’ll be sending out emails to everyone who will be getting their orders fulfilled with this batch of inventory and will move their orders to the FINISHING stage in our online order tracker.  Where financially possible, we’ll be looking at using UPS for shipping.  It will take us several days to print out these new plastics and assemble the kits to ship.  Once we get through this batch we’ll see where we are for deliveries of the amplifiers we are waiting for and evaluate our situation again at that point.

All of us at Workshop 12 would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these crazy times.  It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but we’re doing our best to keep orders flowing 🙂

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