What’s Planned for Version 4

**UPDATED: April 14th, 2019** With the final items of Brainiac version 3 and version 3.5 wrapping up we wanted to give the community some more insight on what features we have planned for version 4.  Of course these are features that are “planned” and there’s no guarantee that they will be in version 4 🙂  If we have most things ready and some are holding us back, they might push out to version 5.  Oh, and yes… these features will be provided as a simple free upgrade of the existing software.

List of Updates

  • Climate control UI for the FRS/BRZ
  • Reverse Camera Support (Tablets) using a webcam to video RCA bridge (Experimental)
  • OBDII System Scan with a USB/Bluetooth OBDII dongle (details below)
  • AirLift 3P Application interface and controller (details below)
  • Screen brightness configuration. Brightness settings based on time of day (night/day)
  • Ability to uninstall an app from the application grid


More Accessory Support

Continuing our theme of differentiation we are looking to add in some more accessory support.  Goal is to add back in either OBDII diagnostics data or to resurrect our Air Control System into version 4.  We’ll be bringing back the air control system (starting with AirLift 3P) but it will be a matter of timing of when the hardware accessory is ready to go.  We’re also looking at if there’s a way for us to integrate the Joycon EXR programmable steering wheel module with switching on/off relays in our relay controller.

Video Note: We will not have the GPS triggered Adjustments…… yet

So there you have it! We have lots of fun plans for the software and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re committed to bring some really cool integrated technology to your rides.  But first…. we need to deliver version 3 🙂

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