Nissan BOSE Amplifier

One of the most common questions we receive about the 350Z or 370Z is how you are able to continue to use the factory equipped BOSE amplifier.  Some people choose to by-pass the BOSE system and just wire their speakers directly into a new amp.  This topic is always one of hot debate on the Z forums around which option sounds good and which sounds like crap 🙂

We’re not going to try and pass an opinion on which is the best quality sound that you can get in your car, but instead show how the wiring of a tablet can be connected to the BOSE system using an adapter like the PAC PL7-4 L.O.C. or the PAC ROEM-NIS2 systems.

Plug-and-Play Option

First we’ll talk about the PAC ROEM-NIS2 system which is really more of a plug-and play module for a Nissan vehicle.  This includes the line level adapter, Nissan spec radio connectors and an aftermarket connector that allows you splice a vehicle specific aftermarket stereo connector, or in our case the harness that we wire to our tablet.  When using a system like this, you’ll wire/splice the 3.5mm headphone jack from the tablet directly to the speaker input wires on the PAC connector.


Newer Style and Universal Option

On the other hand, the PAC L.O.C is more of a universal newer style of Line Output Converter that might be needed on newer model versions of Nissan vehicles where the connections to the BOSE amplifier are actual RCA connectors.

In this scenario you will need to join the front/rear right audio inputs together, and the front/rear left audio inputs together as the tablet only provides a 2 channel stereo output and doesn’t have the concept of front and rear.  For this you’ll want to use a pair of stereo to mono connectors that are a male mono to female stereo as shown above.

Once you have joined the right and left inputs, you’ll then connect these to a single male 3.5mm to female RCA connector.  Now typically in our Brainiac installations you will want the 3.5mm connector to be a 90 degree (right angle) connector so that it doesn’t take up too much space around the tablet.

Which One is Right for Me?

Fantastic question.  The best way to know which one is the best for your vehicle is to remove your trim and take a look to see how your OEM stereo is connected.  Without doing that the best place to go is the Nissan audio install forums on the interwebs!

So there you have it, instructions, part lists and links to all the parts you need for installation of your tablet into a BOSE equipped Nissan vehicle 🙂


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