What’s Planned for Version 3

**UPDATED: December 17th** With the latest release (version 2) of Brainiac now available we turn our sights towards the features we’re targeting to try and fit into version 3 of the software.  But first, if you’re having a hard time finding the app in Google Play, simply search for “Brainiac launcher”.

With our release of version 2 of the software we focused on multiple screen resolutions and Android operating system versions 5 and above.  All with a goal to widen the range of supported devices.  Now with version 3 we’ll be focusing on adding some more utility and personalization features.

Configuration Updates

Supporting multiple Android operating system versions proved more challenging than advertised by Google.  So many different weird things that had to be addressed.  But with those now out of the way we’re looking to try and add the following features in the next revision:

  • Relay Controller Arduino support
    • Select icons that you wish to show on the relay buttons
  • Hide apps from the home screen app grid (no “re-arranging” yet)
  • Setting to swap left/right side bezel gesture direction for “app switcher” and “back”
  • Adjust side/bottom gestures to be large touch points
  • Selectively turn off the “Home” bottom gesture
  • Setting to swap media 2 finger gesture direction for “previous” and “next”.
  • Global volume control (corner bezel gesture to launch the 2 finger volume control overlay)
  • Music control on car Start/Stop (Accessory power off pauses media, Accessory power on un-pauses media)
  • Application grid: Display the hi-res version of an app icon if it exists

Landscape Display Mode

One of the biggest items that we are working on is landscape mode support for the user interface.  This will include layouts for both a smaller 7″ style screen and a 10.1″ or larger screen. This will mean that anyone wanting to install a tablet in their dashboard in a landscape orientation with our Brainiac software will be able to do so.

Android Head Unit Support

This also means that we are planning on supporting our Brainiac launcher installed on Android Head Units!

That’s right, we’ve come full circle and are looking to now provide an in-car automated experience for both large screen tablet installations and in-dash head unit replacements.  Just this time around, like our tablet approach, we are not looking to create our own hardware but instead using industry available electronics.

We currently have a Joying 6.95″ head unit on the way (running Android 8.0) for some R&D testing and will also be testing our landscape view on the supported tablets we have for our dashboard kits and steering wheel (Tab A 10.1″, Tab A 7″, Tab 4 10.1″, Tab S2 9.7″).

Of course we have all sorts of other things we plan to bring to the software, but we’re trying to prioritize and group these into smaller manageable releases 🙂

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