Brainiac Software Version 2

After releasing the first version of the Brainiac Android home screen launcher we’re now working hard on version 2.  We’ll continue to look to add features and improvements to the software over time to enrich the in car experience.

Currently the planned updates for version 2 of the software are focused on support for more screen resolutions and adding the capability to configure multiple relays for various auxiliary systems in your car (relay controller coming soon).

The changes required to support multiple screen resolutions and removing the device restrictions in Google Play are:

  • Scaling the screen edge touch gesture points to make sense on larger screen resolution devices with higher pixel density
  • Fixing some label sizing and layouts for the media “currently playing” area and application grid icon labels
  • Supporting newer Android versions with global accessibility gestures.  These currently have some compatibility issues on newer versions of the Android OS
  • Relay Accessory Configuration

The new Brainiac Relay Accessory will allow you to control 8 different on/off 10 amp switches from the Brainiac home screen.  This new functionality will allow you to label the different switches in the application and provide an integrated feel for automating different systems.

More details on the Brainiac Relay Accessory will be coming soon 🙂

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