Nissan 370Z Pre-Order Deposits Now Open!

We’re excited to announce that the official Pre-Order Deposit program is now open for the Nissan 370Z Brainiac plastics! This is a program where if we can reach 40 Pre-Order deposits of $60 each we will be able to start the R&D process of designing the Brainiac plastics for the Nissan 370Z. Full details can be found on the official project page but the summary is as follows:

  • Number of Participants: Only 40 slots available
  • Start Criteria: Must have 40 pre-orders to start
  • Time frame: Estimated 5-6 weeks.  Clock starts as soon as the 40 orders are secured
  • Availability: Available to everyone once the plastics are ready. Pre-Order participants will receive a $60 discount on final price
  • Deposit Amount: $60 USD
  • Timing of Charge: Credit cards will only be charged once all 40 slots are filled and Workshop 12 receives their first bill from the design firm
  • Total End Cost: Similar to that of the 350Z ($230’ish) depending on plastic sizes for Shapeways print costs.  End price will vary.


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