Introducing the Nemesis R1

We’re extremely excited to announce the new Workshop 12 project vehicle named the Nemesis R1. The R1 has been designed to provide the ultimate single seater driving experience combining advanced coilover pushrod suspension design for great handling and fast track times.

A Supercar like power to weight ratio of 300+ HP to 1400 lbs creates exhilarating acceleration and 4-piston Wilwood breaks bring you to a quick stop.  The Nemeis R1 is equipped with a Subaru JDM STI EJ207 engine dyno tuned to an estimated 300+ HP with an 8000 RPM redline. Combining these horsepower figures with an estimated vehicle weight of 1400 lbs creates a supercar like power to weight ratio. Crisp shifts are provided with fully pneumatic paddle shifting creating a F1 car like driving experience.

The Nemesis R1 combines advanced suspension design for great handling, and fast track speed.  In fact, the suspension on the Nemesis was designed from the ground up with maintenance in mind, so each corner has identical components (they are just flipped to mount on the other side). This simple design makes it less expensive to repair a damaged car. Headroom is unlimited with a very tall roll hoop, and adjustable pedals create a setup with foot room for very long legs.

Design inspiration for the Nemesis R1 is a blend between a road legal Formula 1 race car and the angular sharp lines of a stealth fighter jet.  Air channels are created by keeping the front surface area of the car to a minimum and directing air through the suspension components similar to an open wheel race car and then scooped into the upper and lower rear ducts for cooling.

The Nemesis is built with an ExoSkeletal design and also has passive safety built in. For example, the fuel tank is located in the safest position possible (between very strong chassis members), in the middle of the car where it is less likely to be ruptured in an accident.  The driver sits surrounded by the chassis and cage, and because it is an open car, wears a helmet. These safety features, along with a good set of track harnesses, make the car much safer in an accident.   Really great brakes that were originally designed for much heavier cars help to slow the Nemesis much more efficiently than regular cars.

The Nemesis R1 has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate driver’s car.  No stereo, navigation or driver assists. All electronics are focused on creating a driver central experience from integrated steering wheel controls, ECU tuning and performance lighting.

Be sure to follow along on our R1 Facebook Page that will detail the build progress along with periodic posts here on our blog.

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