Poll: Which Vehicle Is Next?

One thing we get asked all the time is “what about car X”?  Which is great that we have interest from different car owners out there looking to do something cool in their cars.  The crappy part is that doing the research, scanning, sketching, 3D modeling, test printing bla bla bla is quite expensive.  Since our goals have now switched over from trying to do a production all-in-one product to more of a facilitator role to aid the community in building some cool stuff for their own cars, our funding for doing new cars is tight.. aka it’s hard to find money to do a new car.

However, we think we might have a way to make this happen.   First, we feel that whatever vehicle we would do next for a 10.1″ snap-in design would need to be chosen by the community.  Second, our 3D modeling R&D partner has agreed to give us a flat rate for doing new vehicles.  That means we have a predictive cost for designing something new and therefore we can give some choices.

From our calculations, IF there are 70 people who order an existing 10.1″ Brainiac snap-in kit from Shapeways we would be able to fund creating a new 10.1″ snap-in kit for a chosen vehicle.

Current Order Count: 27 of 70 (target)

Please spread the word to 350Z or WRX/STI owners that you know may be interested in a set of plastics, and also encourage friends who might have one of the vehicles below to vote if they would like Brainiac in their car.

Our formula for a new vehicle is typically a popular model that has a strong modification community and could possibly fit a 10.1″ screen without having to do any electronics for climate control.  So without further adieu here are the voting candidates:

The 370Z that would be supported is the base model without navigation.  This is because the navigation versions have the climate control circuitry built into the stereo controls.


We should be able to support both the manual and automatic climate control for the first generation Genesis Coupe because the controls are modular and similar dimensions.. Two revisions of the plastics would be necessary to accommodate both.

The (poor) photoshop above is a rough mock-up (this is why we pay for proper designs LOL), but the actual version would likely have some fixed vents on both sides of the screen for center cabin air flow.  The top of the unit would have some sort of “cap” that would connect back to where the current clock is.

Currently Under Research & Development (Not in the Poll)

We had already created the plastics (for the most part) for the FRS/BRZ but we need to figure out if we can make the climate control automation work first before going any further.  

Get Your Poll On!

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