A Change Of Plans

Since the beginning our goals at  Workshop 12 have never changed.  To bring some really cool electronics combined with a fantastic software experience to car enthusiasts.  We never had the goal of getting rich, but instead a goal of being able to continue to work on making our vision a reality.  Of course, the catch 22 of trying to bring our vision to life was looking for funding to try and make manufacturing at scale happen.

We’ve been pretty quiet for the last couple months and you may be wondering why.  Well, we’ve been hard at work pounding the pavement talking to potential investors to try and raise enough capital to manufacture Brainiac as a packaged product.  The road of talking with investors is a long and tiresome one, and time after time we’ve received the feedback that we are not “investable”. 

To draw an analogy of our situation you can think of two different kinds of investment… (1) Buying a house in the suburbs, raising a family and enjoying the house for 10 years, and then eventually realizing your profit when it’s time to move on, and (2) Buying a condo in the center of the city, doing a quick renovation and flipping the property for a quick profit.  Venture investors want to invest in option (2) for a quick flip with immediate 10x profits.  Profits they cannot see from a “niche” product. This is why our goals and vision for Brainiac are not considered “investable”.

For those who have made pre-orders for Brainiac units, we’ll unfortunately be cancelling those orders. Of course – no money will be charged.

This means that our initial goal of having a completely assembled Brainiac unit come off the end of an assembly line and shipped to your doorstep isn’t attainable.  That path takes a lot of up-front dollars from investors which we unfortunately were unable to attain.

You won’t find anyone more disappointed than us about not being able to bring a packaged Brainiac solution to market.   We want to thank everyone who supported us through this journey, your support has meant more to us than you’ll ever know.

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