FR-S/BRZ Hazard Switch Relocation

Earlier we posted a blog article outlining our design intentions on our lower pocket for the FR-S/BRZ/GT86 snap-in kits.  This relocation is necessary to free up the space needed to fit our 10.1″ display while still retaining a physical hazard button.  To be clear, this new trim is an included part of the FR-S/BRZ snap-in kit, we simply didn’t have pictures ready in time for the photo found on the preorder page.

We’re now ready to share with you the first test prints of the plastic that will be used to snap-in the new hazard switch into your existing lower pocket trim.  It doesn’t matter if you have the push-to-start option or the standard pocket, both have the same AUX-in port that we utilize for securing this new trim.  Since we have lots of axillary inputs available, we polled the community to see if this location would be acceptable, and we received a resounding YES!

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit to picture the plastic in the same color as the pocket itself, the test print was done with some silver filament and hasn’t been smoothed to a nice finish as of yet.  This print is hot off the press in all of it’s 3D printed glory 🙂

The relocation plastic is a “double snap” design.  The new hazard button snaps into the new trim piece, and the new trim piece snaps into the existing AUX-in opening in the lower pocket trim.  We wanted this piece to really flow with the lower pocket and you can see how nice and tight the pieces fit together.  Once it’s finished in the same black color it should look like it was meant to be that way from the factory.  But I’ll stop gabbing about the trim piece now so that you can check out the photos!
















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