Brainiac and the Beastronix Racing 86Nanny

One of the great things about Brainiac is that it can provide an integration backbone for your vehicle.  What we mean by that is that you’re able to use Brainiac as a means to automate other electronic accessories installed in your car.

One such accessory is the 86Nanny from Beastronix Racing.  The 86 Platform (FR-S/BRZ/GT86) is built with the ability to disable Traction Control/Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). As most motorsport enthusiasts know, the system has limitations in place on this function for safety purposes and won’t completely disable traction control/VSC.

Knowing that drivers will want more control on track days, the designers of the 86 platform created the Pedal Dance to completely bypass the system and truly disable Trac/VSC.

The Pedal Dance is an 8 step process that must be done each time engine is started and can be tedious especially on race day when drivers are cycling in and out of grid.

With the 86Nanny, you can perform the Pedal Dance for your FR-S/BRZ/GT86 with the push of a button. Using the vehicles OBDII diagnostic port, the 86Nanny has a custom designed pass-thru harness allowing you to retain OBDII access for other devices. Its a simple, clean, approach that allows you to take advantage of your vehicle’s potential.


For drift racers, a common and frustrating problem with Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) is the amount of traction control that prevents them from maintaining a drift. Another problem with ABS that some quick footed drivers experience is a sudden loss in braking power, commonly known as ice mode.

The 86Nanny ABS not only gives you all the functionality of the original 86Nanny, but also allows you to disable ABS. After extensive logging & rigorous testing, custom coding was created to allow you do this with a simple push-button built into the dash. No longer will you need to pop the hood and pull a fuse for race day and remember to replace it before driving on public roads. Don’t let brakes slow you down!

Here at Workshop 12 we’ve been working with Beastronix Racing to see if there’s a way that we may be able to integrate the 86Nanny with Brainiac to provide a great custom automated solution.  Allowing Brainiac to trigger the 86Nanny’s modes based on touch screen interactions or other conditional data.



We’ve been providing feedback about different ways we could integrate the 86Nanny with Brainiac and it’s been great to learn that Beastronix is now in the process of adding Bluetooth 4/LE communications support to their full product line-up allowing us to create a tighter integration between the two products and create a super clean user interface for Brainiac.

We’re really looking forward to seeing this integration come to life and we’ll be keeping everyone posted with progress updates as we go 🙂

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