Progress Update: Poll – Which vehicle is next?

We’re now into January and well into our initial preorder campaign.  It’s extremely exciting to see the support we’re getting for Brainiac shown both in the number of preorders as well as support from the car community!  Brainiac units on preorder will be the first to be delivered to customers, so we encourage everyone to place their preorder to ensure their spot in line.

Our primary focus is on delivering preorder units with quality and as quickly as possible.  As we hit July and our focus turns to shipping preordered units to customers, we’ll be working on some contingencies to not have this initial volume delay orders that come in after the end of June.

So if you’re excited about getting your Brainiac unit as soon as possible, we encourage you to sign up for the preorder to be one of the first units shipped.  We’ve setup what we believe to be a no-risk system that does not charge your credit card until your Brainiac unit ships to you.  You’re also able to cancel your order at any time up until your Brainiac unit ships.

During the last few weeks we’ve also become a member of the SEMA organization.  After attending the SEMA show last year, and better understanding the network and resources SEMA has put together to help ensure that companies deliver quality products into the aftermarket, it was a no-brainer 🙂


As part of our January milestone we’ve been researching new vehicles and figuring out who should receive a 10.1″ snap-in kit next.  We’ve also been performing a lot of work on air suspension R&D and have now verified RideTech RidePro, AirLift Autopilot v2 and are currently working on AirLift 3H/3P verification.  We’ll be posting up some more information about our air suspension research and updating our website with details very soon.


One of the great things about Brainiac’s design is that we are able to utilize the exact same components for our 7″ universal fit unit and our 10.1″ snap-in kits.  The difference is the button belt and touch screen.  Since each of our 10.1″ snap-in kits are the same except for the plastics that house the unit, it allows us to tackle new vehicles with a focus on design and the perfect fit of plastics.

To help visualize what a 10.1″ snap-in kit might look like in different vehicles, Rob has started to pull together some photoshops where we take our existing plastics and blend them into other vehicles that we’re considering.  Of course these are not final designs, but more of a way to aid in understanding what Brainiac could look like.

2015 Subaru WRX STI (CNW Group/Subaru Canada Inc.)





We’ve created a short list of vehicles that we think would be interesting dashboards to house a snap-in kit.  Our goal for 2016 is to add 6 more vehicles to our snap-in kit line-up.  We want to hear from you which vehicle you want the most, so we’ve added a small poll in this post.  Let us know with your vote which vehicle you want to see next 🙂

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