Brainiac Preorders are now Open!

***************** UPDATE *****************
We have changed our preorder system.  Details can be found here

We are extremely excited to announce that preorders for Brainiac and its automation accessories are now open!  It’s been about a year from when we first started experimenting with the thoughts of taking what we learned from automating the BatBerry and applying the technology in a more general fashion.  We want everyone to experience what it’s like to have a connected car.

It has been a lot of hard work to transform Brainiac from an idea into a great product that has a variety of installation options to meet the needs of the many different makes, models and generations of vehicles on the road today.  The fun part is that we’re just getting started and have plans to bring our 10.1″ large screen experience to many more vehicles.  I mean let’s face it, that big screen looks really cool when installed in your dashboard! 


We’ve posted a lot of updated product details in our Kickstarter campaign page which are also now available on our updated website.  The information on Kickstarter also includes target timelines for delivery and the steps that will happen along the journey from the closing of our successful campaign to the delivery of Brainiac to your doorstep.  We also have decided to restrict shipping to Canada and the United States for the 30 day campaign simply to reduce unforeseen shipping costs.

For those of you who signed up for our early supporter 10% discount, we’ll be sending out your discount codes with more details on how to apply them shortly so that you have them ready for when the 30 day Kickstarter preorder campaign closes.

Brainiac wouldn’t be possible without the great support we’ve received from family, friends and the car and technology community who have encouraged us to dream big and have also provided fantastic feedback making Brainiac even better!

Even if you’re not quite ready to bring Brainiac to your vehicle, but still want to support us in our Kickstarter fundraising, we’ve added a “BEVERAGE BACKER” reward so that you can buy us a drink or support us with a pledge to help us reach our funding target and move Brainiac into the manufacturing phase.

So spread the word, and let’s start getting Brainiac into vehicles as quickly as possible 🙂

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