Brainiac Emulator Updated

Over the last while we’ve been showing bits and pieces of new Brainiac functionality via different social media updates and are now ready to share some of those updates in our Brainiac emulator!

We’ve been busy testing our OBDII data integration for checking system statuses, clearing codes and also pulling system data.  We’ve updated the emulator to give you a taste of what’s to come with our new status and gauges app.

Again, the emulator is just a preview of what’s coming with a proper install of Brainiac.  It’s a bit difficult to show the full functionality without actually installing the unit into a vehicle, so we’ve been adding in more emulated data to give you a better feel.



When Brainiac ships to customers it will allow you to select the different OBDII gauges that you would like to display, allowing you to run diagnostics on virtually any available OBDII data source in your vehicle.  In our emulator we’ve shown a few different examples.

In this update we’ve also given a sneak peek at what the Brainiac smartphone remote interface will look like for your iOS or Android device.  This app will allow you to connect to your Brainiac installation and control its systems from outside of the car.  The app will also include a social networking aspect allowing you to update your profile, manage your modifications and share posts and your accomplishments with friends.

This emulator update also includes the digital air management application allowing you to adjust your corner heights and activate/manage your ride height presets.  We haven’t emulated the GPS & Speed condition engine in the suspension application just yet, but we wanted to make sure we have the user interface available for you to try so that you have a chance to provide early feedback.


If you already have the Brainiac Emulator installed on your Mac or PC it should automatically update for you.  If you haven’t tried out the Brainiac emulator yet we encourage you to download, install and get a better idea of how the in-car experience with Brainiac will feel. 🙂

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