Preparing for Preorders

***************** UPDATE *****************
We have changed our preorder system.  Details can be found here

We’re almost there…. Almost ready to open up preorders for Brainiac!  We’re in the final edits of our promotional video and website content so we can now start to share more details about the preorder process with you before we go live.  We also want to share more information about the 10% discount that many of our early supporters qualified for by signing up for the Workshop 12 newsletter before the end of day October 31st, 2015.

We’ll be launching our preorders using services from Kickstarter to create a 30 day campaign to raise the funds necessary to move into to the manufacturing phase.  The way that Kickstarter works is that it allows you to pledge an amount with your credit card towards Brainiac in exchange for rewards.  In our case the rewards will be Brainiac units and accessories.   Each reward will be outlined on the preorder website allowing you to pick one or more rewards.


Those who qualified for our early supporter offer will have a 10% discount applied to their first order from Workshop 12.  Whether that be during the Kickstarter preorder phase or at a later date.  To provide flexibility in applying the early discount we’ll be sending out unique discount codes to those who have qualified.  Unfortunately Kickstarter does not provide a discount code feature so we’re taking a more manual approach for discounts to ensure that preorder supporters who have qualified still receive their 10% savings.

Once the 30 day Kickstarter campaign ends, and the necessary funding amount is reached, your credit card will be charged.  From there we’ll be able to order the necessary components, finalize our tooling and ramp up manufacturing to handle the volume of orders.

We will then be sending out a survey from Kickstarter that will ask you for details such as your name, shipping address and discount code.  We’ll make sure that the discount codes are sent to everyone who qualified before the end of the Kickstarter campaign so that you have all the information you need.

As a note, preorders through Kickstarter will be charged for the full amount.  Once we verify your discount code, name and details we’ll include a money order (or cash equivalent) in your Brainiac shipment equalling the promised amount of 10% of your order when it is ready to be delivered.

Hopefully that gives you some more information on what to expect during the preorder campaign, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us 🙂

Thank-you again for your continued support!

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