Inside Brainiac: Initial FRS/BRZ 3D Models Ready

We’re very excited to have our first set of 3D models ready to rock and roll which will allow us to get the 3D printer whirling away to do some initial test fitting.  The 3D model will continue to be revised based on our design sketches, community input and test fitting results.

The Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ dashboard has limited space available which means we’ve incorporated the same buttons as our 7″ double-din Brainiac unit.  As you can see, we’ve continued with our Brainiac “V” design to blend and flare the screen into the rest of the trim creating a more expansive feel.





Just like our other 10.1″ installation kits, we’ve reused existing mounting points to ensure that everything is securely connected to the dashboard.  The rear frame that holds the touch screen and button belt is also fastened to the front trim pieces to create a solid feel.



These 3D models still need to incorporate all of the design features which were outlined in the final sketches, but they will serve well in allowing us to test fit the plastics and provide feedback back into the 3D model.

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