Inside Brainiac: Nissan 350Z Test Fitting

We are extremely pleased with the results of our Brainiac test fitting session the other day for the 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z 10.1″ Brainiac installation kit!

You may have seen some of our excited tweets and Instagram posts go up with some photos from my smartphone, so now we’d like to follow those up with some nice official photos from the session.  The first reaction that we received from those who attended the test fitting session were comments of how Brainiac looks OEM and as if the dashboard should have came that way from the factory.

That was the exact reaction we were looking for 🙂

We’re also very happy to be receiving lots of feedback in the forums and we want to keep the discussion going with these new photos.  So if you have opinions and/or feedback please let us know!




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