3D Models of the Nissan 350Z are now Complete

After receiving lots of great feedback from the Nissan community we’re happy to announce that we have now completed the 3D modeling phase for the 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z 10.1″ Brainiac installation kit!  We’ve listened to your suggestions and are really happy with the final design of the plastics.

The design goal for all of our 10.1″ screen installations is to provide something really cool that also appears as though it was intended to be part of your dashboard when the vehicle left the assembly line.  We’ve also been ensuring that we keep a consistent Brainiac design language between different vehicles.  You’ll see this design language in the “V” shaping from the top of the screen to the bottom, as well as sloping lines to allow your finger to easily reach the sides of the screen.

These same lines are seen in the button belt assembly allowing for easy access to the buttons using a natural hand position while you’re in the driver’s seat.  But enough of the talking, it’s now time to share the renderings!








The 350Z design creates a sandwich of the 10.1″ touchscreen display module in-between a front and rear frame which holds the screen in-place and utilizes the rear threaded posts of the existing 350Z center dash trim as fastening points.  This type of design creates a solid center console which is securely held in-place using existing factory mounting points.


With the 3D models completed the next step is to get the 3D printer whirling away to create the first set of prototype plastics which will allow us to test fit everything and ensure that the designs look just as great in real life as they do on the computer screen 🙂

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