Inside Brainiac: Nissan 350Z Insert Design

I want to begin this post by thanking everyone for their great feedback during the Nissan 350Z 10.1″ Brainiac design process!  We’ve received emails, social media messages and have also been participating in a great discussion in the my350z forums.  We recently posted some concept sketches of replacing the top 3 gauges with an additional heads-up LCD display.  From your feedback we’ve heard loud and clear that the iconic 3 gauge design on the top of the Z dashboard is something that owners really want to keep.

With that in mind we also have been investigating a suggestion from one of the my350z forum members for creating Brainiac as an insert into the 350Z dashboard instead of an entire center dashboard replacement.  This allows everyone to keep their existing gauges and simply insert Brainiac into the center section of the dashboard.  After examining the backside of the center trim in detail we believe that we can make this happen 🙂

Once we agreed on this design direction Matthew got to work providing a couple of sketches to see how the final install would look.  There were two new designs created from this process.  The first REV 2.2 had more rounded outer corners and the second had a bit crisper lines.   So far we are leaning towards the crisper lines of REV 2.3.



The insert design will provide a slight overlap on the face of the existing dashboard trim so that there are no gaps between the previous center openings and the new Brainiac trim.  The insert will also require the owner to trim the “pillar” that goes between the two existing dashboard openings.


Once the pillar is removed from the existing trim, the insert will slide right in and be secured from the rear.  There are actually threaded holes on the backside of the existing dashboard trim that we’ll be looking to leverage in order to secure Brainiac and create a single solid unit.

Our next steps for the 350Z design will be starting to move into the world of 3D to continue to tweak and revise the design for a perfect fit 🙂

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