Inside Brainiac: Nissan 350Z Heads-Up Display

It seems like Matthew never sleeps because he’s done it again!  A new set of renderings of the Nissan 350Z dashboard.  We’ve been considering applying a little bit of a modern redesign to the top three gauge cup area of the dashboard.  I know that making some changes to an iconic area of the Z dashboard can be a little sacrilegious but we figured we would give it a try any ways 🙂

Having three gauges is great, but what if you could have a heads-up display that could show multiple gauges, turn-by-turn directions, incoming alerts and more?  We think that this is an area worth exploring.  Our thoughts are not to add a secondary “touch screen”, but instead an LCD that is pushed back as close to the windshield as possible.  Creating a great area for information at a glance but low enough not to block your field of vision.  

Matthew has come up with a few options for us to look at and gather feedback from the Z community on the possibility of a secondary display.  I personally love revision 2.1 which is a really sleek design that would really give a nice modern touch to the Z’s interior.






Let us know what you think!  We have an ongoing thread on my350z and we’re always open to feedback via email and our social media accounts 🙂

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