Estimated Pricing and Technical Specs Updated

As we draw closer to enabling pre-orders for Brainiac we’ve provided some updated details on the Brainiac website describing product features, technical specifications and pricing!

The Brainiac systems and accessories that will be available for pre-order at launch will be:

  • Brainiac 7″ Double-din stereo replacement unit (MSRP $699)
  • Brainiac 10.1″ stereo replacement unit including snap-in trim replacement and a climate control accessory if necessary (MSRP $1399)
    • 2012-2015 Toyota FR-S
    • 2012-2015 Subaru BRZ
    • 2005-2007 Subaru WRX/STI
    • 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z (climate control accessory not required)
  • Brainiac digital air suspension accessory (MSRP not yet available)
  • Brainiac 8-port programmable relay accessory (MSRP not yet available)

Prices are subject to change leading up to pre-order availability, but we’re now at a point where we’re able to give a confident estimate which we feel brings a ton of value for a great price!

Stay tuned for more product details including the 10.1″ Brainiac installation kit for the FR-S/BRZ and 350Z as we continue to push towards our pre-order campaign 🙂

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