Inside Brainiac: Simple Easy Gestures

One of the areas that we’ve been exploring at Workshop 12 is finding simple ways to control common functions while driving.  By finding easy ways to control the things we do over and over again your body creates muscle memory and helps to reduce distracted driving.

The key to finding effective controls is to first determine the common repetitive functions and then find a natural physical action that would match the desired result.  We’ve found that two of the main actions we perform all the time while driving are volume adjustment and skipping/scanning through media such as our radio presets or the current playing track in a playlist.

With Brainiac we’ve provided physical buttons that allow for these functions but we’ve also added some simple gestures that allow you to make these adjustments without having to look at the screen or search for a button which helps you keep your eyes on the road. 

To adjust your volume you simply swipe two fingers up or down on the screen to raise or lower your volume level.  To skip forward/backward through your radio presets or the tracks in your current playlist simply swipe left or right with two fingers anywhere on the screen.

I’ve personally been using Brainiac in my Subaru WRX for a while now with these gestures and they’re really nice and intuitive.  I find myself not looking down at the screen at all and can quickly adjust the volume and navigate my playlist with natural movements.

We’ve also been exploring the possibility of some gestures for other common adjustments such as climate control or answering an incoming phone call, but we’re still experimenting with those areas 🙂

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