Third 10.1″ Vehicle Kit Announced

As awareness of Brainiac continues to grow we’ve been receiving a ton of support and feedback from the car community.  We’ve been attending meet-ups and car shows almost every weekend and have also been spending many different week nights at local meet-ups.  We make sure to post pictures of some of the cool cars we find at these events on Instagram.  It’s amazing to know that we could pretty much meet with car enthusiasts every day of the week with such a strong community presence in Ontario.  It was great to see an article by Dave Thomas published on Speedhunters summarizing the great diverse car culture that exists in our area.

The reaction to Brainiac while attending these different car events has been overwhelming, with drivers eager to install the system in their ride.  Whether it be the beautiful 10.1″ custom fit display, the integration with their digital air suspension system,  ability to pair the system to your smartphone, performance data logging or the thought of replacing their current 7″ double-din unit with something better.

The message has been loud and clear.  “Bring Brainiac to market as quickly as you can and for as many vehicles as you can”.

On that note, we’re happy to let everyone know that the FR-S/BRZ dashboard scanning is just about to begin and we’re also adding a new vehicle to our line up for the 10.1″ custom fit Brainiac unit.  The third vehicle receiving a 10.1″ touch screen and installation kit will be the 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z!


Now I know the first reaction from the 2006-2008 350Z owners will likely be “What about us?”.  Well there were slight differences made to the center area of the dashboard mainly where the trim for the climate control meets the section that holds the radio.  That typically means a different set of plastics are needed for those model years.

So we’re going to tackle the 2002-2005 models first and then see just how much more it would take to also satisfy the 06-08 models.  But first things first, we’ll be scanning the 350Z dashboard very soon and will have lots of photos and progress updates along the way.

Thanks again to everyone for your incredible support and helpful feedback as we continue to push towards making Brainiac available for your vehicle 🙂

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