Inside Brainiac: 7″ Display and Button Revisions

As we continue to push towards having Brainiac ready for sale, one of our main offerings will be the 7″ double-din unit that will work with pretty much any vehicle on the road.  Luckily there are all sorts of stereo installation kits out there to fit a standard double-din sized head unit in your dashboard.  One of our goals is to create the 7″ unit as an upgradable platform so that if you have one installed and a 10.1″ display becomes available for your vehicle, you don’t have to go out and buy everything all over again.

We want to design the 7″ unit in a way that you’re able to remove the touch screen display and buttons and simply upgrade to the 10.1″ display, custom trim and buttons.  With this in mind we’ve been working on our first revision of the double-din unit mechanics and wanted to share this early work with you.  There’s still work to be done to achieve our goal but with this revision we’re one step closer to reaching our goal.



We’ll be 3D printing this model and putting it through our usual test fitting process to better understand what does and doesn’t work in the real world.  We need a balance between the display being able to be removed without you cursing at it, but at the same time be firmly connected to the housing.  At this stage we’re not sure that this initial approach is even the right one.  That’s the beauty of an iterative design process.  We try an approach and revise as we learn from the outcome.

In other news, I believe we’ve also settled on our final button design for the 10.1″ Brainiac display for the 05-07 WRX/STI with a nice curved line sweeping across the top of the buttons that matches nicely with the line on the bottom of the touch screen display and at the same time doesn’t look too busy.


As we get closer to attending ImportFest on August 22nd we’re working hard at completing the display stands for both the 7″ double-din unit and the 10.1″ 05-07 WRX/STI unit where you can get some early hands on experience with the system.  We hope to see you there 🙂

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