Inside Brainiac: Initial Test Fit and Model Revisions

Last week we posted up some teaser photos of an early test fit session where we 3D printed the faces of some new plastic trim panels.  Those panels were the ones that fit the 10.1″ Brainiac display into a 05-07 Subaru WRX/STI.  If you missed the photos, don’t worry, we have a lot more pictures in this post to share!

The goal of our initial test fitting session was to get a general idea of sizing and general fit of the new replacement trim panels as the 3D model was continuing to be revised in parallel.  This allowed us to provide feedback in real time as the model was being reworked to include more detail.

Our first test fit prints were created at a medium quality (hence the grainy surface) and were only the face of the trim pieces which did not include any of the clips and mounting points.  This meant we needed to prop up and tape the trim in-place to get a general feel of how things will look.





As we expected we had some dialing-in to do on some of our sizing and gaps, but overall it was a pretty good fit for a first translation from 3D space into the real world.

While the test fitting was taking place we were feeding the results back into the revisions of the 3D model so that we could get things much closer to a factory fit.  One of the main outcomes of the revisions was to get the clips and mounting points ready to go.  By having the mounting points modeled we’re able to not just prop up the trim pieces but actually snap them into the factory holes.




Part of the design also includes the “cradle”, or inner frame, that holds the 10.1″ touch screen display and fastens to the back of the front trim pieces.  We want the mounting of the touch screen to the trim to be very secure so that you have a nice solid feeling when interacting with the display.

We’ve also been hard at work on our kiosk style display unit for the 05-07 WRX/STI so that we’re ready for ImportFest in August. The kiosk display will also save us the time and effort of disassembling the dashboard of the TMBLER every time we want to test fit the revisions of the WRX/STI trim 🙂

More rounds of test fitting, 3D prints and revisions are under way and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with the results!

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