Brainiac Emulator Updated

Earlier today we updated the Brainiac emulator in the Chrome app store so hopefully by the time you’re reading this post the software will have already been updated on your previous install of the emulator for your Mac or PC.

In this emulator update we’ve focused on both personalization and customization of your Brainiac install.  First on the agenda was making sure that the color scheme of the user interface matches your vehicle’s interior.  While this may seem subtle, it’s one of those details that really makes Brainiac look like it was factory installed and matched to your car.  It’s also one of those details that’s sometimes missed by car manufacturers as they have different teams working on the physical gauges and button lighting than they have working on the head unit software.

To change your color scheme simply go into the settings area using the dot-dot-dot button and navigate to the Colors menu option.  From there you’ll be presented with a set of pre-defined colors that you can choose from.   Simply select your color and you’ll see it instantly applied to the user interface.



We’ve tried to select colors that are fairly commonly used for interior lighting as well as a few funky colors for those who are a bit more adventurous.  If your vehicle has a color that isn’t in our list, be sure to send us an email and we’ll do our best to get it added into a future update.

Our second feature update has been focused on a new accessory that we’re working on.  This new accessory is a 8 connection programmable relay box.  It includes 4 on-off-on reverse polarity connections and 4 standard on-off switches.  You can connect these to any of your accessories and also configure them as timers which come in handy for sprays, actuators or other timed systems.  You can also tell the system that an on-off switch is actually a momentary switch that only should receive power when you’re physically pressing the button.



You’ll also notice that the serial number of the relay accessory is listed in the switches configuration.  This is displayed for those of you who need to run more than one relay accessory (e.g. need more than 8 relays) and need to match up your accessory wiring to the proper bank on the connected unit.

We’ve been using the BatBerry as our prototype vehicle to work through the circuitry and customization.  This allows us to work out any of the kinks before packaging everything up in a nice little accessory that will plug into the back of your Brainiac control module.

We’ve also added a switches application so that you can try out some of your own customizations.   If you’re viewing the emulator in the portrait view the settings app will show up right on your main application grid.  If you’re in landscape view you can swipe the application grid to the right to reveal the switches app.


For those of you who are running different powered/switched/timed accessories in your ride, please do let us know if there are other features you would like to see added to our relay accessory in order to match your needs.

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