Welcoming Rob Williams

I’m extremely happy to officially welcome Rob Williams to the Workshop 12 team!  Rob and I both worked closely together at BlackBerry as part of Alec Saunder’s group focused on helping developers build apps for BlackBerry.  Anyone who attended the various BlackBerry Jam conferences will for sure know Rob and how incredibly talented he is.  He comes to us after successfully leading a Bell TV5 Android mobile development team, and is now looking to sink his teeth into Brainiac.

Rob and I have had many crazy adventures together from creating silly promotional videos, crazy demos with Arduino and Bluetooth LE, traveling to events around the world as well as controlling the BatBerry from a Smartphone.  Rob has been the brains behind the underlying circuitry, micro-controllers and communication stack used for automating the BatBerry.

Yesterday we spent the morning testing Brainiac by having myself do some “rapid acceleration to the posted speed limit” while Rob was reading test data from the ODBII port.  Lesson learned, the force of the TMBLER acceleration is enough to disconnect the ODBII dongle! I can tell you it was the most fun I’ve ever had testing 🙂

We’ll be taking everything we’ve learned from our past experiences and applying them to Brainiac.  Again, welcome to the team Rob!

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