Vehicle Build: The BatBerry

Workshop 12’s current active vehicle build is dubbed the BatBerry.

This is a custom ground up build of a replica 1989 Batmobile which has some of its axillary systems controlled by a BlackBerry smartphone application using an Arduino board as the control module.  This software controls aspects like the canopy, afterburner, bat-disc doors, replica 30 caliber machine guns and more.

Like all Workshop 12 vehicle builds, the BatBerry has its own website including a blog covering the entire build along with progress videos where you can view the history of the build.  This vehicle has been fabricated 100% from the ground up requiring detailed metal, fiberglass, software and circuitry work.

The goals of this car are to stay as true to the movie version as much as possible while actually making the vehicle drivable in an everyday world.  There are lots of real life details that the movie car didn’t have to deal with such as water getting on the car without it becoming a bathtub 🙂

So far the BatBerry has only been out to a couple of events (while it was only partially completed) such as the Yorkville Exotic Car Show (pictured above) it drew massive crowds.  There are also lots of visitors who drop by to check out the car when the shop doors are open and building is under way.

The current target completion date is the end of January 2015, but you can browse through the build history as well as keep up to date on the progress through the BatBerry build blog.

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